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RESERVATION +90 242 753 46 62
DEAR GUESTS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SAFE TOURISM CERTIFICATE
Your health is important to us,
A new series of standards have been introduced in consideration of the recommendations by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey together with the opinions and suggestions of the Ministry of Tourism and Sector Unions.
The measures and practices applied in our facility to prevent the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic which smothers our world are as follows;

  • The temperature of our guests shall be taken at the entrance by fever detection device. In case of an adverse situation, this will be shared only with the concerning guest pursuant to the provisions set forth in the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the specific case shall be taken under assessment within the scope of emergency plan.
  • All our services have been designed to minimize the contact.  
  • Social distance rules (1,5 meter) are applied in our common use areas (lobby, restaurant, pool environs, beach, foyer areas, meeting halls, animation areas etc.). These points have been marked.
  • Guests are received to our shops in limited numbers and they are expected to wear their masks. 
  • Masks shall be worn in all general areas (restaurant, lobby, pool environs, beach, fitness, spa, etc.).
  • Our guest shall be able to get the masks and other protective materials from the reception.
  • Hand disinfectants shall be available in all general areas (lobby, restaurant, spa, fitness, pool environs, wc, etc.) staff areas and flat corridors.
  • All general spaces are periodically left to natural ventilation.
  • Ventilation filters of the entire facility are cleaned regularly and the inappropriate filters are changed.
  • Insect and pest controls are made in 15 days intervals.
  • You are expected to get in contact with the reception in case of any disease symptom.
  • Isolation rooms have been formed inside our hotel.
  • For the health of our guests, we do not accept visitors from outside our facility.
  • All general areas and the places under the use of the staff of our hotel have been disinfected in detail with the Hydrogen Peroxide base material, the effects of which are known and confirmed. 
  • All our personnel go under medical screening before the employment.
  • All our personnel provide the service to you by taking personal hygienic precautions. 
  • All our personnel's temperature is taken and recorded at the entrance. 
  • All our personnel provide the service by taking into consideration the social distance rules. 
  • All our personnel have been trained on hygiene, food safety and pandemic. They are still getting this training.
  • There are sufficient number of disinfection units in the personnel common use areas and working units in the background. Regardless of the department they serve, all our personnel disinfect their hands and they necessarily wash them in accordance with the rule once in every hour.
  • Certificated workplace doctor works in our hotel for our staff. We do have the action plans for possible situations. 
  • Frequently used materials (room card, towel card, bell, etc.) are frequently disinfected.
  • After disinfection, your luggage are carried to your room.
  • Contactless payment option is under your service in your payments.
  • Different  rubbers are used for the cleaning of each room and the rooms are ventilated during the cleaning.
  • Ell the surfaces having hand contact are disinfected after the cleaning (door handle, remote controller, furniture, etc.)
  • Our rooms are ventilated minimum for 1 hour after cleaning and routinely ozonized. 
  • Our housekeepers take their personal hygienic precautions (use of gloves, masks, hand disinfectants, etc.) and make the cleaning works in rooms.
  • Room textiles are washed at a temperature above 70 C in every 2 days.
  • Room capacity usage is rigorously followed and the guests are accommodated in rooms as scarce intervals as possible. When a guest checks out, we do not receive a new guest for a while  after all cleaning and disinfection processes are conducted in our rooms.
  • Our restaurants and all the eating drinking spots have been designed according to social distance rule.
  • Eating drinking services are served by our personnel.
  • Our dining tables are disinfected special for you in every change of guest. 
  • You can select any food you like from our buffets by requesting from the charged personnel in there.
  • All the beverages are served to table, you can also request them from our personnel charged in bars by keeping in mind the social distance.
  • Food safety rules are applied in all our kitchens, our hygienic and delicious foods are served by cooks.
  • All the dished are rinsed at temperatures 80-85 C.
  • All our materials and products served to our dear guests are purchased from trustworthy suppliers, they are accepted to our facility after the conduct of all necessary control and disinfection procedures. Storage, maintenance and the production types in our facility are carried out under ultimate hygienic conditions.   
  • Limitation has been brought to the attendance to our animation activities in order to reduce the contact.
  • All the animation equipments are cleansed and disinfected every day.
  • At the entrance, children's temperature shall be taken and recorded.
  • Cleaning of the Kids' Club is made according to standard cleaning plan. 
  • The activities planned for the children shall be made in open air as much as possible.
  • Kids' Club spaces have been arranged according to social distance rule.
  • All the equipment and tools in the Kids' Club shall be disinfected before and after the use. 
  • Restricted use of fitness center has been brought, the service is provided by reservation.
  • The center is ventilated after each use and the equipments are disinfected.
  • Limitation has been brought to the use of Turkish Bath, Sauna and steam bath. The use of these facilities is restricted to 30 minutes. These rooms shall be taken under cleaning and disinfection for 15 minutes after the use.
  • Towels are given by our personnel. 
  • Our sunbeds have been placed on the beach and pools in consideration of social distance.
  • The capacity of the beach and pool side of our hotel is profoundly sufficient.
  • As we have always done, the cleaning of the pool shall be made in a manner that is in compliance with chemical values preventing any disease or epidemic. 
  • The guests are informed at the entrance to the facility that those who show disease symptoms should not use the pool.
  • All the sunbeds, sunbed mattresses, beach and pool materials are necessarily taken under cleaning and disinfection on daily basis.
  • Closed pool ventilation systems are ensured to function trouble-free. 
As Merve Sun Hotel & Spa, WE CARE ABOUT THE HEALTH AND SAFETY of all you dear guests and our personnel.